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Bible Search Help

Keyword or Phrase Search

    This is a Bible search engine, not a web search. You must search for words or phrases that you know exist. You can't search for 'Who was Jonah' as that doesn't appear anywhere in the Bible, and you will not get good results. Instead just search for 'Jonah', or 'Jonah fish'.

    Also, don't search for terms like 'The Lord's prayer'. Again that doesn't exist. Rather, search for something you know exists - like 'Father which art in heaven'.

    When searching for a single keyword, the results will appear in book, chapter, and verse order. When your search term contains more than one word the results will show with most relevant searches first.

For example:
    A search for 'Lord Jesus Christ' will first show all of the verses containing all 3 words in book, chapter, and verse order, then verses that contain 2 words, then verses that contain just 1 word.

    If you only want to find places where an exact phrase appears, then surround your search in quotes, like "Lord Jesus Christ". This specific search will only find places where Lord Jesus Christ appears in the text, and will avoid verses that contain 'Jesus Christ our Lord' or any verses with just 1 or 2 of the 3 words.

Passage Search

    You can use this Bible search engine to look up any verse, passage, or groups of passages in the Bible. If the passage search result is not what you expected, then check the following tips.

    Single passages should be in the form of John 3:16 but you can also use joh 3:16 or even joh3:16

    Multiple verses should be separated by a ',' or a '-' such as John 3:16,17 or John 3:16-20

    Multiple passages must be separated by ';' such as John 3:16;Matthew 2:4-6 If you don't specify the book in the second phrase, such as Luke 3:12;14:3-7,9 then the previous book will be used. That would look up Luke 3:12 and Luke 14, verses 3 to 7 and verse 9.

    Single chapter searches are in the form of 'Matthew 24' or 'Matthew 24;John 3'.

    You can combine any number of single chapter, single verses, or passage searches. Just don't forget to use the proper separaters.

    NOTE: Book names can be shortened to just the first 3 letter, and don't worry about spaces. Try - '1th5:9;rev22:19;mat24'. You could use the first 2 letters of book names, however if you used something like 'jo' you might get John, or Jonah, or Joshua.

Compare Versions

    You can compare your keyword or passage searches in other versions by first doing the search, then click on any of the version names in the left column menu.

Print Your Results

    You can print any chapter, verse, or search by clicking the image near the top right of the page. You can also print this page for reference while you browse.